Posted by: atakeo | February 29, 2008


I used to have someone driving me to the office in the morning and back home in the afternoon. My driver is so kind, but he sometimes drives out of control. He oftenly consumed the medicine over doses. Whenever he has headache he takes so many tablets more than normal. He become depended on the medicine. His memory some times drops. That is why I don’t use him. But he is still kind to me and keep visiting my home.

I am not professional driver. I just can drive. No More. Today  one company driver reminded me to check the car condition. Because he knows that I have no time to do. But what a good things he did. He found that my car engine is empty. No Oil. O God. I did change the oil just 3 weeks ago. I don’t understand why. My car must get checked up and repaired. 

For anybody who reads this note please understand that I tried to make this not in English just for practizing only.  


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