Posted by: atakeo | February 29, 2008


   It happened to me. I got sick and pain inside my head. My head became a little bit heavier than usual. I tried to control the movement of my head. I found no reason. Since I have few guests at my home, I kept silent no complain. I kept control myself. So many questions in my head. What is the reason of this uncommon sickness.  I remembered then that during 10 days of our  management seminar, I took a lot of coffee. After closing the seminar I came to my simple life without coffee.  It reminded me to my father.  Every morning around 7.00 o’clock my mother offered a cup of very sticky coffee.  Composition is fixed one spoon coffee powder mixed with one and half  spoon of sugar with ¾  tea cup of boiled water.  No delay. Once delay my father became so angry and furious. Shouted to my mother, and if still no coffee served, there were anything reachable should  throw into the sky.  I didn’t understand till my mother passed away and I moved to Jakarta. As one of the manager of the company I have to develop my knowledge. There after consuming so many cups of coffee at the seminar, I found the result.  I found the answer why my father was so furious caused by coffee. Sorry Bapa! Saya dulu tidak mengerti (Sorry my father, I didn’t understand) and Sorry for my mother for facing so many bad feelings because of my father and  the sticky coffee. I love them all.  

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