Posted by: atakeo | May 26, 2008

This Is Discrimination

Met a young lady today. she looked simple. Married woman of no children. Her husband is working in the Taiwan fishing boat. The mentioned lady met me for an interview. Her CV stated her capability of English and Chinese. We spoke English with some Indonesian words for easy understanding. She was an immigrant worker in Taiwan. Even she speaks English, but her gesture didn’t impressed me much. I tried to assure her for more relax conversation. She has some experiences working in manufacture companies as production administration officer. Last post was to join the Taiwan Company as an interpreter for selling the medical tablets. He stopped joining the Taiwan since  her husband doesn’t allow, because of lot traveling to another cities.

I note this lady because of her past experience in Taiwan. She remind me the very typical expression as sorry to say “Pembantu” (house maid). I may not so discriminatory, then she get to join us from next June 2,2008. Hopefully she doesn’t have chance to read this post, or she may know I have discriminated against her.


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