Posted by: atakeo | May 27, 2008

My God I spent all My Money

At last we all come to accept the unbearable situation. Gasoline price is Rp. 6,000.00/liter. Yesterday afternoon the first time I get my tank fully filled for Rp. 199,864.00 It is really too much for my pocket.

In the television I watched the students demonstration. I am very sure, as all Indonesian people knew nothing can change the decision. Everybody has no other choice. My office friends tell the increasing of transportation expenses. My boss held a meeting regarding with the supply of the raw material. The main Supplier doesn’t have stock. The agents cannot supply us for the same reason. It looks as a wait and see policy for a better price. What’s next..? How do we cope with this condition..?? We still go to work. We still have to spend extra transportation cost. We have only choice to keep going out to work, since no cost no gain. Come on… Seems a bit wrong complaining too much about the situation. I have to find my own solution… Vivere est militare, I have to struggle.!!


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