Posted by: atakeo | May 30, 2008

What a Day Today.

Read so many posts today. Found many Ideas. They are new for me. My head full. I don’t find anything special from all of those. Prefer to close my eyes and take a little nap, but I couldn’t do for this is office hours. How shall I take my brain to a little rest? My full body feel pain of uneasiness. O, God. what a day today? It is a long journey.


  1. bentar aku buka kamus dulu,hehe..

  2. @langitjiwa: ngaledek ni. Aku digalakan oleh post wong seberang yang sama pengetahuan londonya. Wong Kroya, Wong Nipon, dan Wong Mindanao. Kok iso. Makane aku nekat aja. Seperti inilah. Ada melayu jowo dan melayu Deli. Campur aduk aje. Indon memang gado-gado. As I found their posts just as a daily journal. Just a journal almost no opinion.
    I still do visit your blog. Thanks.

  3. So ask your boss to give you few days for holiday

  4. @juliach: I wish you become my boss, who has mind to understand and to share. Most of the bosses are really bosses. The boss can do no wrong. Fortunately I have good boss. Thank God and thank you for visiting my corner.

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